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Marine Chemist Service takes great pleasure in servicing its client’s needs. In that effort, MCS offers a continuously updated newsletter, as well as additional information on the below products and services.

Our Services

  • Asbestos Sampling, Analysis and Surveys
  • Blowers and Portable Ventilation Products (Coppus©)
    a worldwide distributor of Coppus© products
  • Burning Hose Identification & Security Device (BHISD)
  • Hazardous Waste Sampling and Analysis
  • Hexavalent Chromium Sampling and Analysis
  • High Purity Water Systems and Cartridges (Aries Filter Works)
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Ion-Exchange Resins and Carbons (Purolite)
  • Lead Sampling, Analysis and Surveys
  • Marine Chemist Inspections
  • Mold Sampling, Analysis and Inspections
  • Non-Sparking Tools (AMPCO)
  • Noise Monitoring and Surveys
  • Non-Destructive Examination/Testing (NDE/NDT)
  • Non-Destructive XRF Lead-Based Paint Testing
  • Paint Sampling and Analysis
  • Phase I Site Assessments
  • Soil Sampling and Analysis
  • Training Class (Environmental Health and Safety)
  • Water (drinking and waste) Sampling and Analysis
  • Water Purification Systems and Cartridges (Aries)