Employees of the Quarter

Marine Chemist Service is pleased to present its Employees of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2014:

Thomas Martin

Congratulations, Thomas!  You were recognized for your accuracy and neatness of job information, willingness to work on a team with all other coworkers when requested, and positive attitude. You are an inspiration to others here at Marine Chemist Service.

Thomas Martin Richard Kovalik Marine Chemist Service
Thomas happily recognized for a job well done by Rich Kovalik


1st Quarter  Patrick G. Studley
2nd Quarter  James 'Dan' Moore
3rd Quarter Raquel M. Rickard
4th Quarter reserved
1st Quarter Rachel York
2nd Quarter Michelle Baker Goduti 
3rd Quarter Leslie Danneberger
4th Quarter Mandi Homermc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter Brandon Hall
2nd Quarter Shariem Wright
3rd Quarter Shannon Monroe
4th Quarter Sterling Wilkinson  mc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter Nick Imbrigiotta
2nd Quarter Lucas DeJarnette
3rd Quarter James Hayes
4th Quarter Amanda McCarty  mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter Jennie Metrokotsas  mc-trophymc-trophy
2nd Quarter Jennifer Bowman
3rd Quarter Mary Helen Scott  mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
4th Quarter Casey Fuhs
1st Quarter Jenna Kempista
2nd Quarter Richard Marstallar  mc-trophymc-trophy
3rd Quarter Gillian Jones
4th Quarter Aaron Demakeas  mc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter Angela Mulleano mc-trophymc-trophy
2nd Quarter Amanda McCarty mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
3rd Quarter Terry Hurst
4th Quarter Aaron Demakeas mc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter MCS mc-trophymc-trophy
2nd Quarter Nichole Kuhl
3rd Quarter Sterling Wilkinson mc-trophymc-trophy
4th Quarter Mary Young
1st Quarter Richard Kovalik
2nd Quarter Noel More
3rd Quarter Eileen Andrews
4th Quarter IH Field Technicians
1st Quarter Thomas Martin
2nd Quarter Nicholas L. Imbrigiotta
3rd Quarter Michael A. Cagle
4th Quarter Pamela N. Burnham
1st Quarter Amanda McCarty mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
2nd Quarter Bharati Lakshmi
3rd Quarter Megan Jenkins
4th Quarter Amanda McCarty mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter Scott Binder
2nd Quarter Michelle Baker mc-trophymc-trophy
3rd Quarter Mary Helen Scott mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
4th Quarter Pennie Robbins
1st Quarter Kris Marsette
2nd Quarter Patrick Studley
3rd Quarter Jennie Metrokotsas mc-trophymc-trophy
4th Quarter Mandi Homer mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter Christine LaPorte
2nd Quarter Robert Danforth
3rd Quarter Mandi Homer mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
4th Quarter Mary Helen Scott mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter Nicole Webb
2nd Quarter Kimberly Mantey
3rd Quarter Angela Mulleano mc-trophymc-trophy
4th Quarter Joseph Schroeder
1st Quarter James Bruff
2nd Quarter Christina Edwards
3rd Quarter Richard Marstellar mc-trophymc-trophy
4th Quarter Mary Helen Scott mc-trophymc-trophymc-trophymc-trophy
1st Quarter Sally Washer mc-trophymc-trophy
2nd Quarter Sally Washer mc-trophymc-trophy
3rd Quarter Thomas Ebert
4th Quarter MCS mc-trophymc-trophy