Non-Sparking Tools

Marine Chemist Service (MCS) is an international distributor of Ampco® non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant safety tools . Ampco® (originally American Metal Products Company) has been manufacturing quality tools for safer workplaces since 1922. Since that time, they have been the innovator of over 2,200 imperial (English) and metric style tools, which makes it particularly challenging to list all of the items in their vast inventory. Nonetheless, below is a starting point for Ampco’s enormous range of products. Also, keep in mind many of their items come in a variety of sizes and styles (including fiberglass handles for superior performance and tolerance to adverse environmental conditions).
  • axes, hatchets
  • barrel hooks
  • bars
  • brooms, brushes
  • buckets, dust pans
  • chisels
  • clamps
  • crate opener
  • drift pins
  • files
  • forks, hoes
  • hammers
  • knives
  • mallets
  • marlin spike
  • picks
  • pliers
  • pinch and pry bars
  • rakes
  • ratchets and sockets
  • scoops
  • scrapers
  • screwdrivers
  • shears and snips
  • shovels
  • spatulas
  • wrenches (adjustable)
  • took kit (HAZMAT)
  • took kit (marine*)
  • tool kits (variety)
  • wedges
  • wrenches (box, open)
  • wrenches (bung)
  • wrenches (monkey)
  • wrenches (striking box)
* designed and sold exclusively by Marine Chemist Service, Inc.
Ampco and Marine Chemist Service Inc.Marine Chemist Service and Ampco Non-Sparking Safety Tools

Not surprisingly, Ampco® offers the largest, most comprehensive line of non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant hand tools in the world. This remarkable achievement was made possible, in part, by the discovery of aluminum-bronze back in 1914; an alloy hard enough to cut steel. A little over two decades later, Factory Mutual Research Corporation (a not-for-profit organization engaged in scientific research and tests related to loss prevention) approved their discovery for non-sparking use. Since the early part of last century, Ampco® has been recognized as a leader in safety tools; and below is a listing of industries that agree:

  • Firefighters
  • Chemical Plants and Solvent Manufacturers
  • Shipbuilding and Repair
  • Construction
  • Railroads
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • First Responders
  • Petroleum Refineries and Storage Tank Facilities
  • Ship Operations
  • Food and Beverage
  • Steel Mills
  • Utilities
Despite the large representation mentioned above, Ampco® has the capacity to produce items in accordance with specific customer requests. As a result, they regularly manufacture small quantities of custom and irregular size tools. In addition, Ampco® has developed a range of special copper alloys tailored to meet a variety of mechanical requirements. Their advanced technical knowledge of the chemical and mechanical properties of non-sparking metals makes Ampco® well suited to provide quick solutions to any need. Ampco’s attention to application and design has even allowed them to offer a comprehensive, lifetime warranty.

All Ampco® tools meet applicable ANSI, DIN, Federal, GSA and Military standards. In addition, their safety tools conform to the requirements of the Bureau of Indian Standards, the Mine Safety and Health Administration, the National Fire Protection Association, OSHA and the U.S. Navy (Re: para. 3.9).  Many of the country’s leading safety engineers and insurance companies also recommend Ampco® safety tools

Where are Safety Tools Used?

Over 2 million accidents and 10,000 deaths are reported each year in the United States from the misuse of hand tools. When dealing with hazardous or flammable conditions (whether explosive vapors, or combustible materials and residues), non-sparking safety tools are a must. They are recommended anytime there is a potential for ignition by mechanical sparks in areas where flammable dusts, gases, liquids, vapors, or even combustibles residues are present:

Non-Sparking Application

From ammunition to tankers, the risk of igniting flammable and combustible products is very real. Those risks, however, can be minimized through the use of Ampco® non-sparking tools. Commercial and industrial users of non-sparking hand tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Aircraft and Aerospace
  • Ammunition, Explosives, Pyrotechnics
  • Battery Manufacturing and Storage
  • Boating and Shipping
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Coke By-Products and Gas Plants
  • Confined Spaces containing Explosive Atmospheres
    • avgas
    • mogas
    • sewage (a.k.a. “CHT”)
    • newly spray painted areas, before paint has cured
    • voids and hollow structures containing hydrogen gas
    • other flammable products, or anywhere the “LEL” has been exceeded
  • Distilleries
  • Flammable Paint Lockers
  • Food and Beverage Silos, Vats and Storage Tanks
  • Fueling Stations
  • Geophysical Exploration
  • Grain Storage
  • Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)
  • Handling and Storage
    • chemical spill cleanup
    • hazardous response
  • Gasoline Powered Machinery Manufacturers
  • Mining
  • Natural Gas Utilities
  • Nuclear Power
  • Paint, Varnish and Lacquer manufacturing and finishing
  • Petrochemical and Petroleum Refining and Storage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pipeline Inspection and Repair
  • Plastic and Rubber Manufacturers
  • Propane Distributors and Bulk Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Shipbuilding and Repair
    • tank cleaning (a.k.a. “gas-freeing”)
  • Spray Painting and Finishing
  • Tankers, including Road, Rail and Marine
  • Utility Manholes, Tunnels and Vaults
  • Warehouses containing Flammable Products and Materials

Non-Magnetic Applications

Ampco® safety hand tools are manufactured from alloys that have the added feature of being non-magnetic. They are tested to achieve the requirements set forth by the United States government for non-magnetic tools. This requirement states that when tested with a magnetic permeability indicator conforming to Military Specification MIL-I-17214, the magnetic permeability shall not be above 1.2 on the indicator scale. Consequently, Ampco® tools can be used near sensitive, magnetic equipment. The following examples of industries have benefited from using Ampco® non-magnetic tools:

  • Aircraft
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Medical Diagnostic
  • Nuclear Products
  • Public Utilities
    • Electric
    • Telecommunications

Non-Corrosive Applications

Ampco® safety tools do not rust or corrode. Consequently, they do not contaminate foods or other products demanding high purity. Ampco® safety tools are also used in marine environments where corrosion can compromise the effectiveness of other tools and therefore pose a potential safety hazard during use. Here are a few of the industries and end-users that benefit from using non-corrosive hand tools:

  • Breweries
  • Canning Manufacturers (acids, bases, solvents)
  • Other Food and Beverage Manufacturers including
    • Grain Handling
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Plastic and Insulation Manfacturers
  • Ship Owners, Operators and Yards
For more information on Ampco® safety tools, answers to questions regarding specific applications of non-sparking, non-magnetic and non-corrosive hand tools, or to obtain a full color catalog containing Ampco’s complete product line, please contact either Customer Service here at Marine Chemist Service , or Ampco® directly:

Ampco® Safety Tools
c/o Marine Chemist Service, Inc
204 Barnes Drive
Garland, TX 75042
Phone: 800-580-9835

Among the many things Ampco® and Marine Chemist Service have to offer, one is a free Hand Tools Institute (HTI) Hand Tool Use and Selection Chart .