Coppus® Portable Ventilation Products

COPPUSMarine Chemist Service (MCS) is a Virginia now a worldwide* Full Service Distributor of Coppus® portable ventilators and cooling products. MCS also carries their complete line of parts and accessories, including ducting in various lengths. Together, MCS and Coppus® have enjoyed many years of Coppus’ approximately 100 year history.

*prior to June 5, 2009, MCS was required to refer calls and emails from outside Virginia to territorial representatives in those areas.  Now, when a client calls from anywhere in the world, whether they come from Texas or Japan (actual examples), MCS will be able to provide them with the same service “local” clients have enjoyed.

Dresser-Rand, the manufacturer of Coppus® portable ventilators, serves virtually every major industry that utilizes industrial fans for safety and maintenance. In the local area of Marine Chemist Service, the name “Coppus” is known as the “Cadillac” of blowers. This perception of exceptional quality has enabled Coppus® portable ventilators to be shipped to many industries around the world:

  • Airlines
  • Construction
  • Industrial Manufacturers (especially those with welding shops)
  • Railroads
  • Ship Building and Repair (ballast and fuel tanks; voids)
  • Chemical Plants
  • Food & Beverage (silos, vats)
  • Paper Mills
  • Refineries and others with Storage Tanks (AST’s UST’s)
  • Steel Mills
  • Utilities (manholes, pipe tunnels)
Dresser-Rand has amassed hundreds of years of combined experience in their design and manufacture of Coppus® portable ventilators and a large variety of other products. As a result, their blowers are some of the most reliable sources of supplied, fresh air for safety and maintenance applications that can be found.

Coppus® portable ventilators are manufactured in both centrifugal and vaneaxial designs, with air, electric, gasoline, steam and water driven models available. Some of the more common applications of their ventilators and cooling products include:

  • Confined Space Ventilation
    • fresh air supply
    • toxic removal
  • Source Capture
    • fume exhaust with filtration
    • fume exhaust without filtration
  • Cooling
    • Equipment Cooling
    • Personnel Cooling
    • Process Cooling
Below is a partial listing of the top selling Coppus® portable ventilators and cooling products:



Versitile, rugged ventilators that deliver exceptional airflow in a compact, lightweight design.
Ideal for utility underground and light industrial confined space ventilation.

Coppus Cadet Centrifugal Model COPPUS® CADET CENTRIFUGAL MODEL

  • Excellent airflows (up to 1,058 cfm) and pressure performance
  • Electric and gasoline models available
  • Flame resistant UL94-V2 polypropylene housing
  • Glass filled, polyester resin spark resistant fan blade
  • Fan scroll can be positioned for 45, 90 and 180 degrees discharge positions
  • Accommodates 8” duct on inlet and outlet end
Coppus Cadet Vaneaxial Model COPPUS® CADET VANEAXIAL MODEL

  • Airflows up to 1,300 cfm
  • Electric (AC or DC) models available
  • Patented inlet converts ventilator from a blower to a blower/exhauster
  • Flame resistant UL94-V2 rated polypropylene housing
  • Glass filled, polyester resin, spark resistant fan blade
  • Accommodates 8” flexible duct
Coppus Cadet Hazardous Location Models COPPUS® CADET HAZARDOUS LOCATION MODELS

  • Available in both Centrifugal and Vaneaxial models, compressed air and electric
  • Housing and components are constructed of special conductive polymers for safe dissipation of static charges
  • Electric motors meet NEC Class 1, Division 1, Group D; Class ll, Division 1, Groups. E, F,


Coppus Jectair High performance, highly efficient venturi air movers.
Horn shaped diffusers produce 14% more air while consuming 26% less compressed air due to patented mixing chamber.

  • Available in 5 sizes and up to 15,121 cfm
  • Multiple expansion nozzles machined into housing
  • Diffuser material available in aluminum, steel or shock resistant polymer
  • Coatings and construction materials safely dissipate static electric charges
  • No moving parts–virtually maintenance free


Coppus Cargo Ventilator Rugged, dependable tubeaxial ventilators that have supplied the shipping industry for many years. Available in supply and exhaust models, they are ideal for on-board gas freeing, drying and ventilating operations.

  • Air flows up to 8,400 cfm (supply) and 6,500 cfm (exhaust)
  • Compressed Air/Steam and water turbine drive models available
  • Spark resistant cast aluminum fan and fan housing (steam/compressed air models)
  • Cast iron turbine housing with aluminum cover (steam/compressed air models)
  • Anodized cast aluminum turbine housing, impeller, inlet-outlet connections (water model)
  • Permanently sealed lubricated stainless steel ball bearings (water model)
  • Stainless steel fasteners and protective screens
  • Adaptors allow ventilators to mate to butterworth openings or attach to flexible duc


Coppus CP-20 Air or Steam Turbine Drive Blower/Exhauster
Designed for fast and thorough degassing, as well as ventilating or cooling large process vessels such as columns, towers, reactors, scrubbers, furnaces and storage tanks.

  • Delivers up to 11,200 cfm
  • Use as blower or exhauster
  • Cast aluminum housing and fan blade
  • Stainless Steel turbine blades
  • Dual inlet stainless steel nozzles expand steam or compressed air up to 150 PSIG
  • Fan assembly shaft rotates on permanently sealed ball bearings
  • Fits 20” (508 mm) API tank opening

VANO (175CV, 250CV, 500)

Coppus Vano High volume ventilators for exhausting fumes and delivering fresh air supply. Rugged, durable design with outstanding performance. Ideal for ventilating confined spaces, manholes, process vessels, rail cars, tanks.

  • Airflows up to 5,000 cfm
  • Available with Totally Enclosed (TE) or Explosion Proof (EP) electric motors
  • Patented air straightening vanes for unmatched static pressure performance
  • Spark resistant heavy duty fan blades
  • Heavy duty, powder coated steel and aluminum construction
  • Accepts ducting on inlet and outlet ends
  • Removable inlet sleeve on CV models for exhausting heavier-than-air fumes from tank bottoms


Coppus PFX-1400 COPPUS® PFX-1400
Highly efficient, personal filtration systems for source capture fume and particle removal. Each can be easily transported to most welding sites and are available with a variety of filter options including HEPA filters.

  • Automatic Start/Stop function
  • Filter-full indicator light
  • 2-Stage filtration system (area: 57 square feet; efficiency: 99.7%)
  • Stage 1 and 2 quickly and easily disassemble for cleaning and filter changes
  • Separately cooled motors -not affected by filter loading
  • 8’ x 1 3/4” hose
Coppus PFX-4000 COPPUS® PFX-4000
Industrial designed self-contained, mobile filtration cart featuring a 7’ or 10’ fume arm with lighted hood, powerful fan and 3 different filter options.

  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Front locking casters
  • Dust free filter replacement (area: 225 square feet; efficiency: 98% on standard filter)
  • Available with Cellulose (standard), Micro or Micro/Gas filters
  • Flexible 7’ or 10’ fume arm with lighted hood (see accessories


Coppus ColdFront A complete unit that creates a fine cooling mist, reducing the ambient temperature by a maximum of 40 degrees F.

  • Heavy duty, 2-speed fan motor delivers 5,280 cfm
  • Fixed guide vanes improve air flow
  • Fan Head oscillates in 450 arc and tilts 180 up and down
  • Large semi-pneumatic wheels for easy mobility
  • High performance, tri-plex pump will accommodate up to 5 additional misting rings
  • Uses standard garden hose connection and 115V electric circuit
  • GFCI receptacle for added safety
  • Heavy duty, completely enclosed base protects pump, pump motor and water filter

DOUBLE DUTY HEAT KILLER (18K03D, 24K07D, 24K10D, 30K30D)

Double Duty Heat Killer Powerful fan for cooling products, processes and personnel.

  • Airflows up to 17,000 cfm (one of the most powerful portable air movers available)
  • Patented vane guides adjust air flows from a gentle breeze to a concentrated jet blast
  • Available with Totally Enclosed (TE) and Explosion Proof (EP) motors
  • Motors are either single speed or two speed (18″ and 24″ models)
  • Available in 18”, 24” and 30” models
  • Models available in floor stand (high and low style) or wall mount (stationary and oscillating)
  • Protective screens meet OSHA standards.
  • Hazardous Location switches and motors meet NEC Class I, Division I, Group D
    and Class II Division I, Groups F & G. Thermal overload protecte

In addition to the products most often requested above, there are many other reasons for calling on Coppus® and Marine Chemist Service. Both offer free technical assistance in the operation of Coppus® portable ventilators and accessories. They also offer several technical papers that should be of interest, including: Blower Markets by Industry and Application, Instructions for Injecting Fuel Oil, Kerosene and Lube Oil Into Blowers Handling Sewage Gas, Recommended Lubricants for M-D Rotary Blowers and Vacuum Boosters and Recommendations and Guidelines for Water/Liquid Injected Blowers. Furthermore, they both have training facilities which afford their clients many opportunities to learn about ventilation principles, especially those specific to their needs. The Coppus® training room is 15,000 square-foot and has electronically adjustable stadium seating. Marine Chemist Service, on the other hand, has taught well over 11,000 students. Coppus® and Marine Chemist Service also operate a “Demo Van” in the Tidewater area of Virginia at least once each year. This van is equipped with the most popular ventilators and cooling products, and is available for hands-on demonstrations, product review and further training. Speaking directly to Technical Engineers, obtaining hard copies or PDF drawings and/or parts lists, and receiving full 1-year warranties round out only a fraction of the other reasons for contacting either Coppus® or Marine Chemist Service.

For more information on Coppus® portable ventilators and cooling products, answers to questions and helpful suggestions for your specific applications, or a full color catalog containing Coppus’ complete product line and more, please either contact Customer Service here at Marine Chemist Service, or write Coppus® directly at:

Coppus® Portable Ventilators
c/o Marine Chemist Service, Inc
P.O. Box 8000
Millbury, MA 01527
Phone: 888-268-8726