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With nearly 40 industry experts and over 50 years’ experience, Marine Chemist is dedicated to protecting people and their environment through instructor-led and online training, as well as sample collection and analysis, inspection and consulting.

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Marine Chemist Service takes great pleasure in servicing its client’s needs. In that effort, MCS offers a continuously updated newsletter, as well as additional information on the below products and services.

Our Services

    • Asbestos Sampling, Analysis and Surveys
    • Blowers and Portable Ventilation Products (CoppusⒸ)
      a worldwide distributor of CoppusⒸ products
    • Burning Hose Identification & Security Device (BHISD)
    • Hazardous Waste Sampling and Analysis
    • Hexavalent Chromium Sampling and Analysis
    • High Purity Water Systems and Cartridges (Aries Filter Works)
    • Industrial Hygiene Services
    • Ion-Exchange Resins and Carbons (Purolite)
    • Lead Sampling, Analysis and Surveys
    • Marine Chemist Inspections
    • Mold Sampling, Analysis and Inspections
    • Non-Sparking Tools (AMPCO)
    • Noise Monitoring and Surveys
    • Non-Destructive Examination/Testing (NDE/NDT)
    • Non-Destructive XRF LeadBased Paint Testing
    • Paint Sampling and Analysis
    • Phase 1 Site Assessments
    • Soil Sampling and Analysis
    • Training Class (Environmental Health and Safety)
    • Water (drinking and waste) Sampling and Analysis
    • Water Purification Systems and Cartridges (Aries)


Well Distributed and Well Thought Class

“Rick Marstellar was the Marine Chemist that gave us the 24 hour SCP class and it was well distributed and well thought. He explained everything and had a lot of knowledge. He knew the right answer for every question asked.”

Zack A. also gave “5 stars” from the online survey regarding Marine Chemist Service’s 12/14/21 SCP Update class

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Experienced Instructor

Instructor’s best quality: “experience and knowledge, being able to make things easy to understand”
Rob H. reflecting on the January 2021 Shipyard Competent Person Initial Class

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Very thorough in the Information

Rick and Max gave a great class. Very thorough in the information and emphasis on the importance of various regulations. They covered OSHA, NFPA, Navy, etc. regulations and provided great material to reference. I think the class could have been better in person but considering a pandemic, these guys did a great job getting the information across to the class.
Ryan C. through Zack Academy regarding the 11/17/20 SCP Initial class

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